Internet technology promotes the transformation of logistics industry

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Transformation and upgrading and the promotion of Internet technology are the core of the development of logistics industry and its strategic investment value. On the one hand, the ratio of total social logistics cost to GDP in 2013 is up to 18%, which is more than doubled in developed countries. It is also higher than that of developing countries in Brazil and India. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry is the internal demand of the economic system. On the other hand, in 2013, the volume of e-commerce transactions in the country exceeded 10 trillion yuan, an increase of 34%, of which 1 trillion and 850 billion of retail sales were the first in the world. In this way, Internet technology will promote the development of China's logistics system in a long and wide way, such as "rookie" network and Jingdong logistics. In general, as China's economic transition period, the logistics industry has strategic investment value.

The logistics network company is the most explosive. Whether it is the development of industrial logistics and its supply chain or the development of e-commerce logistics, the basic network capability is very important. In May 2013, Ma Yun announced that it had invested 300 billion yuan to build China's intelligent logistics network. The logistics network represents the stock, Yi Yatong, iron dragon logistics, foreign transport development and agricultural products.

In basic logistics, agricultural products logistics and dangerous goods logistics are the most important. The overall foundation of agricultural product logistics in China is weak, lack of the timeliness and economy of the whole supply chain, and the important social engineering of food safety, and the logistics supply chain of agricultural products has great development opportunity. There are hundreds of major accidents of dangerous goods transportation in China every year, and the cost is high. Tielong logistics and agricultural products have important investment value.

Internet technology has spawned vertical integration supply chain development and industry graphic business development. The supply chain of the manufacturing industry is represented by the force. The vertical supply chain of bulk products, such as Rui Maotong, Henderson Daxin, Xiangyu stock and the construction of shares, the development of plane e-commerce, such as Jinyan industry and so on. Multimodal transport project is the main project of logistics development, and the core of the problem is the core of the sea rail transport. The iron dragon logistics is the main point of the multimodal transport of the sea rail container, and the future development has a powerful explosive force.

The development of international logistics focuses on the development of free trade area, and port assets logistics has huge value added space. The development of the free trade area will promote the international logistics and headquarters economy to gather in the country, and the value added space of the main port land logistics business is huge.

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